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John Gibson Is An Ass

By John Gibson The first knuckle-dragging people recognized they didn't want to raise their kids like the monkeys, so they set up another system.

Verns Blog

Shameful.... Cowards? Plug pulled on anti-offshoring bill Hmmm, so Colorado has decided that sending jobs its own citizens can do abroad is a good thi


Coalition Of The Bribed, Bullied And Politically Suicidal After the firestorm of indignation from the Right over the inconsistent claims of a free

And Checkowt...

Bush Misunderestimated..."News, Commentary, and Satire probing the radical agenda of right-wing politics like a doctor with big hands. Includes strate


Fun with the trade deficit From via Blogenlust Mark of the Beast News item: Trade deficit hits record $665.9B in 2004 Why the .9?   Bec

More Ideas On "THE" Newsweek Article

via War and Piece Juan Cole dives into the debate on diversity in the blogosphere, rounding out his post with recommendations for some blogs that of

Blog Panels

via DC Media girl ...The Big Time via Digby Another exciting panel discussion on blogging and the new media! It's going to be thrilling. Moderato

Wesley Clark Has A New Blog

I hope you enjoy the new WesPAC website at our new URL --! Our goal was to design and develop a new site that makes it easy fo