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Is Bush Going To Believe Palmeir

o, or those lying eyes? via TCBP: " Rafael Palmeiro is a friend. He testified in public and I believe him," Bush said, referring to Palmeiro's denial

The Swift Boating Of Hackett

Atrios has the skinny here, and here on what's happening, but it looks like " the queen of the talking point " is not being truthful: " Ntodd provi

Hackett Video On FOX

FOX's website has this video and article on their site detailing with the race. Tell me what you think.

Missing White Male

Groom vanishes from Cruise In keeping with our new virtual on-line magazine, Honeymooner George A. Smith 26, of Byram, Conn., was last seen in the ear

Bolton Booed

Countdown w/o Olbermann has the video of Bolton being booed as he enters the UN. Also the segment includes reactions from Obama, Dodd, Voinovich and K

Paul Hackett On The Al Franken Show

There are a lot of reasons to support Hackett; if elected, he'd be the first Iraq war veteran to serve in Congress. That means he doesn't need to go o