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Here's What's Left Jean Schmidt, elected Tuesday in a special election, will be in the US Congress, representing a district from the state of Ohio.&#

Torture Court-Martials

INTEL DUMP Josh White in Monday's WaPo gives us a fairly detailed look at courts-martial taking place at Fort Carson, CO. The allegations against tw

Happy Bin Laden Memo Day!

A Liberal Dose Saturday marks exactly four years to the day since Chief Chimp received a Presidential daily briefing with the title "Bin Laden Deter

Cindy Sheehan

...was able to get some play today...and here. There's a blog set up here. Bush will run from here like the plague.

Hardball Joins The Ranks Of OYE

Chris Matthews asked Jason Mattera from the Young America's Foundation: Chris: Would you like to serve in this war? Jason: I'm fighting the battle

Dukes Of Hazzard

Steven Colbert produces a great piece on “The Dukes of Hazzard” for the Daily Show. (hat tip AL Rodgers) [media id=13671]-WMP Colbert's in

Why Robert Novak Stormed Off The Set

Jay Rosen has a great take on Novak. He clearly highlights the 6/29 Ed Henry segment on "Inside Politics" which I felt was an important piece of infor


DESTROYING THE WORLD FOR YOUR OWN GOOD — AUGUST 6, 1945 Just go read Arthur's new piece. Update-Then read this one about an Iraqi war verteran