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Presidential Radio Address "We went to war because we were attacked" -MP3 Think Progress says: Bush Still Propagating Iraq/9-11 Myth President B


ABC ThisWeek: Asked about DSM, Condi dodges legality of Iraq war After being asked to respond to the a quote from the DSM hearing, Condi dodges the

Sunday Morning Talk

Let me know if there is anything clip worthy. Arianna has some questions for McCain on Russert by her readers.


From 85 years ago: "[We] have been led in Mesopotamia into a trap from which it will be hard to escape with dignity and honour. [We] have been

Gingrich Has Lost His Mind

via Armando: Newt Gingrich calls for censure of Senator Durbin: Newt Gingrich dares speak of honor? One of the most dishonorable men of our times dare

U.S. Lied To Britain

Ken Sain Another “secret” document from the British government has found its way into the press, this one revealing that the United State

Just Who Is He Talking To?

Buldge Redux Remember all the stuff about whether Bush was wired for the debates? My brother’s column yesterday, The Second Memo

Mukhtaran Bibi

Mukhtaran Bibi Update Tom Watson While this is pretty much the story of one courageous woman and a movement of people to support her, I can't help bu

AP Highlights Downing Street Memo

When Prime Minister Tony Blair's chief foreign policy adviser dined with Condoleezza Rice six months after Sept. 11, the then-U.S. national security a