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The Ethics Of Iraq

Peter Daou looks at some of the ethical issues at the heart of the left-right divide on Iraq and terrorism.

Juan Cole's Ten Step Plan For Iraq

Juan Cole has a plan. Talking Points Memo says it should be read over and over again: "He proposes a lucid plan that really deserves immediate atte

Freeper Bust

"Ken Robinson, of Richardson, Texas, who described himself as a Vietnam veteran, was carrying a sign at a “You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy!” r

C&L's First Huffington Post Article

Here's my post called: New York Is the No-Coulter Zone. Let me know what you think. Jeralyn also has her first HP post about the Pro-Bush supporters

Johah Goldberg: Wanker

Think Progress: "Jonah Goldberg just posted this on the National Review’s blog, the Corner: GOOD FOR CINDY! She’s rallied the Nazis to her

Ben Stein Vs Nancy Giles

on Cindy Sheehan (Hat Tip to Daniel for the video) CBS Sunday Morning had the two on to discuss Bush and Cindy. [media id=13574]-QT only Ben wasn

"The Bible Game"

Watch out "Grand Theft Auto" and "Resident Evil," there's a new player in town and he's got a bible. "The fourth annual Christian Game Developers Con