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More On Gonzales

Gonzales: Marisa Katz offers some different reasons to think Attorney-General Al Gonzales will be worse than Attorney-General John Ashcroft. I've focu

Gay Marriage, One Year Later

Gay marriage, One year later!The 1st anniversary of gay marriage in Boston, incited many reactions, including the burning of the constitution. VideoEx

So Much For Moral Values

So Much For Moral Values Molly IvinsMy, my, gonna be a long four years. House Republicans have rewritten the ethics rules so Tom DeLay won't have to r

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth Matthew YglesiasHannah Allam's first-person account of what it's been like covering Iraq for Knight-Ridder as the situation deteriorat

FOX News Promotes Torture Video

FOX News promotes Torture Video!Hannity talks to narrator Mark Taylor from "Buried in the Sand"Hannity: Think to yourself how this compares to photog

Police Scoff At Ashcroft Speech

Police Scoff At Ashcroft Speech Yahoo! NewsA day after Attorney General John Ashcroft (news - web sites) told the nation's largest association of law

A Picture Named Sam

Trent Lott on Fox News says that Democrats are blocking judicial nominees because of racism! VideoLott uses Miguel Estrada's nomination as the basis f

Spy VS Spy

Video Clip O' HumorJon Stewart on Porter Goss and the CIA Video

The New Face Of The Moral Majority

The New face of the Moral Majority!On CNN, Rebecca Hagelin from the Heritage Foundation, talking about the "Monday Night Football" skit said:"We are s

The 'Delay Rule'

The 'Delay Rule' Talking Points MemoHouse Republicans embrace new pro-crime agenda!WaPo:"House Republicans were contemplating changing their rules in

A Plague Of Toadies

A Plague of ToadiesBy MAUREEN DOWDExcerptsThe president and vice president are dispatching their toadies to the agencies to quell dissent. The crackdo

Frist Trying To End Democracy!

Frist trying to end Democracy!From Daily Kos Diary:Wed Nov 17th, 2004 at 12:39:30 PSTSo Frist will today "give his blessing" to a plan to change the S