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Rush Limbaugh And Al Sharpton

via Outside the Beltway Talk radio king Rush Limbaugh, upon hearing that Rev. Al Sharpton has been the latest figure on the Left given a radio show i

Where Is Today's Deep Throat?

Where is Today's Deep Throat? via The Huffington Post John Conyers asks the question: ...Today we have a paid government propaganda machine and a

Countdown To Impeachment 2005

Recovering LiberalIn perhaps one of the largest turnarounds in modern political history, only six months after winning reelection, Bush has apparently

Donation Drive

Its been over three and a half months since I've asked for some donations. I don't use the blog to make money. All the money goes to pay for the site.


via Direland: Growing anti-Muslim sentiment, opposition to EU membership for Turkey, and fears over losing control of immigration policy all contribut

What Are You More Afraid Of?

Roxanne has a funny bit:spiders? snakes? activist judges? '08 candidate Clinton? being "left behind"? public speaking? flying? heights? that Blogebri

Tom Brokaw Slams Pat Buchanan

On the Today Show, while Pat and Colson were condeming Mark Felt, Tom Brokaw puts them in their proper place. [media id=13364]-WMP [media id=133


Gannon takes One question on Lie Detector C&L was asked to put this clip up so we complied. [media id=13366]-WMP The show was a farce so its