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12 Iraqi Soldiers Killed In Ambush

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq 's interim prime minister declared on Wednesday that the success of the national elections had dealt a major blow to the insurgen

The Stakeholder

Click here to check out the analysis. Excerpt: Somehow I saw this one coming... Bush:The system, however, on its current path, is headed toward bank

Right Wing Stupid Post Of The Day!

via Daou Report No Left Turn is hoping that President Bush will win the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm serious. "So I pose a question. What are the chances

He's Back!

Jesse Helms biggest fear? Bill Clinton running the United Nations click here

New Tsunami Earthquake Footage

Click here to download or WMV This video shows much more of the earthquake's 9.0 fury before the waves struck. Please give if you can to organiza

It's Time To

PTC at it again! By Andrew Wallenstein LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Conservative watchdog group Parents Television Council blasted MTV as "smut

Kenneth Starr To The Rescue

In an unusual switch, Kenneth Starr is trying to overturn a case, instead of falsely making one! From WaPo: Former Whitewater independent counsel Ke

O'Reilly And The French Boycott

Two night's ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's excellent investigative news program, "the Fifth Estate," broadcast a one-hour special on the