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Bad Week In Hannity's World

Jury Acquits Clinton Aide/Bad Week in Hannity's World A loss for the Justice Department. A jury has found David Rosen, HillaryClinton's chief fundr

Stem Cell Research Living Will

Stem Cell Research Living Will The Culture of Life Pledge I hereby certify that neither I, nor any member of my family, including but not limite

How The Mighty Are Falling

How the Mighty Are Falling Jason Miller wrote this incredible piece for C&L today: Somebody tell Karl Rove to drop the applause sign. The mi

Randall Terry For President

He's baaaack. As WOC notes Terry then couldn't pay his child support:"The past two years have been difficult financially for me.... I am three month

Friday Morning Reading

Juan Cole has the latest in Iraq. TMV reviews Peggy Noonan: Peggy Noonan Strikes Again BlondeSense has this Quote: “The problem was signaled wh

Law And Order

MSNBC: Tom DeLay fuming at Law & Order Season Finale Here's the video clip from L&O "Criminal Intent" that has Tom hopping mad. [media id=1

Fanatical Apathy

Q&A: New Fish and Wildlife Guidelines From The New York Times: WASHINGTON, May 23 - The southwestern regional director of the United States Fish

Bipartisan Budget Woes

Bipartisan Budget Woes Rear Window Ethics While cable news will surely spend the day fixated on the impending "nuclear option" in the Senate, there w

John Bolton's Greatest Hits

Alan Colmes tonight played a collection of Bolton's statements about the U.N. [media id=13115]-WMP [media id=13116]-QT Anyone wonder why he is be

What A Sad Day.

Schapelle Corby Sentenced to 20 Years Schapelle Corby has received a 20-year jail term after being found guilty of importing marijuana _ sparking fur