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Novak Attacks Bush

via Americablog Today's papers suggest that Bush and Frist are both getting cold feet on on the Gay-Bashing Amendment to the US Constitution. First,

More Hewitt-ization

via Pandagon The transcript of Hewitt's open urinating on his own ideals. This is my favorite part: When Barbara Boxer made her inane comments las

Where Is Charles Krauthammer?

Krauthammer was missing from his usual appearance with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday in their round table discussion group during the second half o

Sen. Barbara Boxer

> Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-California defends her questioning of Condi Rice with Wolf Blitzer Video I'd l

Ways And Means Chairman Bill Thomas

Video Thomas called the retirement system's finances a "problem" rather than a crisis, distancing himself from the crisis terminology used by the W

John Negroponte On MTP

Negroponte was evasive as ever as he deflected questions from Tim Russert. Video When asked how many troops were trained; Negroponte said they had

Late Edition-Social Security Debate

On Late Edition, Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and Former presidential candidate, President and CEO Forbes Inc. Steve Forbes debated about the s


The meaning of SpongeBob via Ornicus ....It's hard to say exactly which organization he's talking about. If you go over to the We Are Family Foundat

C&L Quiz

How many times will the Republican noise machine use the term "tyranny" in the next few weeks?