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Silver Lining

Beyond Corporate What with the conservative and fanatical religous outpouring over the Terri Shaivo debacle, where the RIGHTS provided to this woman

Laying The Groundwork For 2008?

Another FLA. Power Grab Florida Blues From the St. Pete Times: You expect Florida lawmakers to play politics with nearly every issue, though not with

Regular Joe

Crooked Timber takes a look at our own Joe Scarborough. (here's an excerpt) In 580 words, Scarborough uses the words “elite” or “elit

Minnesota State Senator Comes Out,

endorses 'outing' anti- gay politicians via Raw Story A Minnesota state senator who bucked his party in voting against a measure to that would bring

The Face Of The Holy War

via All Spin Zone This fringe movement of fundamentalist lunatics has been legitimized by the corporate press, and this mainstreaming of ecumenical

Sports Blogs

"I've begun a new blogging adventure. The New York Yankees and Sports Blog inc. The site I'm running is called Pinstripe Alley. Marcos at Daily Kos as

Bush's IPod Reveals Music Tastes

His 250 songs include country greats George Jones and Alan Jackson, but also My Sharona by the Knack. Mr Bush has an aide download music for him and l