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Write Your Own Caption

We want to welcome Roxanne from Rox Populi to C&L. She's going to guest blog a " Write your own caption" posts for us on a weekly basis. They say

That Colored Fellas Weblog

Introducing La Shawn B.'s Groundhog Day TCFW is proud to introduce La Shawn B.'s Groundhog Day, the continuing saga of a Black woman trapped relivin

That Colored Fellas Weblog

The Fly On The Wall: White House Press Credential Interviews Yellow Dog Blog And now, it's time for another episode of Fly on the Wall. This feature,


Recovering LiberalWhen I was a young man starting out on Long Island, everyone there banked either with the Meadowbrook National Bank, Central Federa

Anatomy Of A Smear

Anatomy of a Smear The Daily Sandwich It's always interesting to check out the latest e-mail forwards. Some are funny, some are retreads of decades

William Donohue Is A Disease!

I think I'm starting to suffer from a new form of mental illness curently under consideration to be entered in the DSM-IV: Severe Wingnut Psychosis:

Ann Coulter Makes TIME

Magazine’s list of "the world’s 100 most influential people" via DC Media Girl (reg. only) She states: Simply unbelieveable That about se

Drudge Invents Story For DeLay

This is pathetic: The “liberals” selling the shirt are actually…just one random guy named Christopher Goodwin. Christopher runs &#14