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Who Is The Real Flip-flopper?

Despite Bush Flip-Flops, Kerry Gets LabelThursday, September 23, 2004; Page A01 One of this year's candidates for president, to hear his opposition

In Newsweek This

afternoon, Mike Isikoff and Mark Hosenball have a piece that touches on the fact that the FBI still hasn't managed to interview Rocco Martino, the guy

20-20 Foresight

Iraq is headed toward civil war. Newsweek's Middle East Regional Editor, Christopher Dickey, wonders what happens if an administration that refused t

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The Boston Globe examines The Administration's Education policy. Please read the full article:A broken promise to children By Robert Kuttner | Septemb

Republican Discord In The Senate

Republican discord in the Senate By Derrick Z. Jackson, Globe Columnist | September 22, 2004 THE VOICE of the moment on Iraq is Republican Senator

Reality Check

by Andrew Sullivan t some point, this election race will tighten again, and, against the odds, it seems to me that John Kerry has finally found a way

New Iraqi PM: American Puppet

Just watched this guy on THIS WEEK. Very sad. He comes off like a big American puppet. Creepy too. Total liar, denies everything. Iraq is a-okay, he s

Insurgents Will Not Succeed

Colin Powel's Op-Ed in the USA Today shows how he continues to behave like a Republican talking point memo. I thought we went into the war because of