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Wingnut Watch

Wingnut WatchThis is what passes for commentary on some wingnut blogs...Support the Fallujah MarineThe Marine who killed the wounded insurgent in Fall

Nanny Sues Imus Over Ranch Wrangle

Nanny Sues Imus Over Ranch Wrangle The Smoking Gun:Toy gun, tiny knife triggered woman's firing by radio star NOVEMBER 30--A New York woman who briefl

Canada Protests Bush!

Canada protests Bush!Canadians were out in force in Ottawa, demonstrating against President Bush and the war in Iraq. Violence broke out among some of

Blessed Are The Sneaky Bastards

Blessed are the sneaky bastards TBogg Sometime back we referred to Mel Gibson's theological snuff film as Crouching Jesus, Hidden Agenda. Now reader

Red State Values

Red State Values Mark A. R. KleimanYou probably missed this in the rest of the Election Day disasters, but Alabama, as it was voting overhwhelmingly f

Bill O'Reilly Rips John Kerry!

Bill O'Reilly rips John Kerry! Watch that Loofah Bill: Video O'Reilly goes off when Kerry criticizes Fox news, Sinclair Broadcasting and conservativ

Just Blame The Liberals!

Just blame the liberals! From Altercation: The problem is...The Problem in Iraq is… liberals. (Just ask a “liberal”) “These days,