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Tucker Carlson Letter Leaked!

Dear Mommy - I’m really enjoying CNN camp. Here’s a picture of me right before all the other boys beat me up. See my bow tie? I tied it myself m

Sean Hannity Covers Up For Rumsfeld!

On his radio program today, Sean Hannity claimed that a reporter might have feed Army Spc. Thomas Wilson the question "Why do we soldiers have to dig

Michael Moore With Barbara Walters

Presents the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2004 Ziaspace Video not currently available The whipping boy of the conservatives talks with Barbara.

'Lost In A Masquerade'

By Maureen Dowd Hoooo-rah! Rummy finally got called on the carpet. Not by the president, of course, but by troops fighting in Iraq. Some of them are

Officer Alleges CIA Retaliation

By Dana Priest A senior CIA operative who handled sensitive informants in Iraq asserts that CIA managers asked him to falsify his reporting on weapo

Bloggers Matter!

Here is an email we just received: During the day I work for the House Judiciary Committee and John Conyers. By night, I read your blog. Thanks so muc