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Lewis Black Nails It

Mafia Cops, Vice Admiral Church, and the NRA. [media id=12988] The NRA's response to terrorists buying guns that are already on the FBI watchlist i

"Inside The Blogs" Has A Fan!

via DCMediaGirl So apparently the Inside the Blogs segment has a fan, and luckily for CNN it’s CBS Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman. In his piece


Oh, That's Rich Pressed on the subject of the Bush Administration’s private “torture” jet earlier this week, Attorney General Alberto

What Do I Know?

Framing Tips and Tricks Many progressives accept that we need to follow George Lakoff's advice and "reframe" issues to our advantage, as Republicans

Against The Madness

A Wolf in Wonderland At first, the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to head the World Bank seemed like just another in the series of bizarre appointments

My Left Hook

Moral Bankruptcy Remember compassionate conservatism? Not that it ever really existed, but remember when Bush used to talk about it? You remember, e