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Tightening Those Leaks!

Tightening those Leaks!The Dept. of Homeland security is requiring that the 180,000 or so employees amd contractors will have to sign a three page sec

Corruption In Washington

From Suburban Guerrilla:PUSHING BACKMark Kleiman's got it right: What should we do about it? Why, we should make them pay.The contemporary Republican

Quotes For The Day

Quotes For The Day The worst government is the most moral. One composed of cynics is often very tolerant and humane. But when fanatics are on top ther

Is A DeLay Indictment Imminent?

Is a DeLay Indictment Imminent? TalkLeft: The Politics of CrimeLooks to us like Tom DeLay is about to get indicted. Why? Because, as TChris wrote earl

Monday Night Football Flack

Monday Night Football Flack!There is a better version of this clip that we put on 11/18A skit that aired before the Eagles/Cowboys game drew fire from

NOW He Tells Us....

Now He Tells Us Brad DeLongOn November 11, 2004, Bush 41 and Ford-era Assistant to the President for National Security Brent Scowcroft endorses John K

Look For Powell's Book In 2005...

Look For Powell's Book In 2005...and he'll be looking to repair his tarnished reputation by throwing some shit around. Bet on it.Second term national