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Quote Of The Day

Bill O'Reilly from The O'Reilly Factor, April 15th 2005 "I wouldn't buy sneakers from Reebok if I had to go barefoot over hot coals!" In response to

Delay Needs Your Help!

Real Time had a great parody on how to say "Thanks Tom" You can help bail him out of his difficulties with just a few more (bribes) donations. [me

Barbara Boxer On Real Time

She joined Bill Maher last night. [media id=13081]-Wmp She said that a republican conservative called John Bolton a "serial abuser," and likened th

It's Good To Be King

President Bush's tax cuts have saved him $28,846 last year, while the Cheneys saved $81,336. The Citizen's for Tax Justice found the Bushes saved mor

Teachers: War Is Not The Answer

Still Fighting Teachers for Peace. Last month, a group of anti-war teachers met with like-minded activists in New York City. Their goal was to find