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Broadcast Journalists Fire Back

The White House, the courts and the Federal Communications Commission all took hits from broadcast journalists Thursday night, who said they were feel

A Little Sex With That Abuse

Sex Scandal At Guantanamo: As if the situation at Guantanamo isn't messy enough, there is now a sex scandal involving senior military officers who wer

Gambling Interests Funded DeLay Trip

Later in 2000, Lawmaker's Vote Helped Defeat Regulatory Measure An Indian tribe and a gambling services company made donations to a Washington public

USA NEXT's Website Full Of Lies!

USA NEXT benefits section:..."is a non-profit, non-partisan, public interest organization..." Yet in their Financial Advice Headlines: USA TODAY foun

More Birthday Blogging Round Up

Suburban Guerrilla : SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN Adds a whole new meaning, doesn't it? A boy no older than 11 was among the children held by the Army

Republican Honesty

via MyDD Even the highly scripted moments of Bush propaganda are open to revealing insights: THE PRESIDENT: Let me ask you something about the Thrif