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DC Fishbowl In The White House

Read the accout here. Memo to Instapundit: It was never about Jeff Gannon's sexuality. (update) It just became part of the story . Of course that was

Monica Crowley Plays The Word Game

On Connected, the show she co-hosts with Ronald Reagan jr. Monica referred to 'suicide bombers" as "homicide bombers" during a segment on the shooting

 Bloggers, Chill Out Already!

Ellen Weintraub, DC commissioner on the Federal Election Commission speaks out. Reports of a Federal Election Commission plot to "crack down" on blog

Santorum's Sweatshop Expansion Bill

via Labor Blog This is as low as it goes, as the GOP fights to expand Labor Blog sub-minimum wage sweatshops across the country. Pennsylvania's Rick

Tom Delay And Ronny Earle

60 Minutes did a piece on this last night. Delay: The facts are, I have not been indicted in Austin, Texas, and the facts are, the indictments that h

How A Contractor Cashed In On Iraq

Documents shed new light on allegations against Virginia-based Custer Battles. A $33,000 food order in Mosul was billed to the U.S.-led interim gover


Sorry, I've been under the weather.... We'll have some Sunday talk show segments up a little later. Anyone have any suggestions?

More On Giuliana Sgrena

Poltics in the Zeros has more on Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian reporter wounded on March 4 by U.S.-led forces. Was she targeted deliberately?