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Drug Companies Fund USA NEXT

...Like hundreds of tax-exempt organizations on the political left and right that flourish in Washington, USA Next is not required to disclose its don

John McCain Latest Not To Back Delay

< SCHIEFFER :...Do you think he is becoming a liability to the Republican Party? Do you think he's been unfairly treated? What thoughts do you hav

I See Dead People

Liz at Blondesense makes an important observation about the media's coverage of the last three weeks.

Santorum Backs Away From Delay

This morning, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) put some serious daylight between himself and Majority Leader Tom DeLay. From ABC’s This Week: Video-W

Shays Calls Delay An Embarrassment .

via Josh Marshall: Shays says DeLay's a handful, calls the Majority Leader an "embarrassment" who won't survive through this term as head of the cau

Judges Run Amok! 

Fafblog! Oh no! I have been kidnapped - kidnapped by judges run amok! For years they been usin their terrible laser-beam eyes an super-strength to ho

John Dean On The "Nuclear Option"

It Seems Likely the "Nuclear Option" Actually Will Be Used The Democrats do have one final weapon in their arsenal. If Republicans try to remove the

Hail To Our Great News Media

Quiz: Which TV news room lead into their broadcast with this? "Tonight another high speed chase. Also tonight, the crowd is still trying to see the P