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Does Robert Novak Know Shame?

Margaret Carlson from the Capitol Gang hit Novak hard during Saturday's show. While discussing Tom Delay and the ethics committee, Margaret thought

Are They A Match Made In Heaven?

hat tip to (One Citizen) for the picture! We also have a demonstration by Keith Olbermann, of one of the many uses that these dolls have. Video

Monday Shrill Prediction - A Satire

If I had to guess, I would say that Sean Hannity will have Ann Coulter on Monday to defend Armstrong Williams. It'll go something like this: Hannity:

Who Is Ketchum?

Josh Marshall is on the trail of Ketchum, the PR firm that hired Armstrong Williams. (via) Buzzflash

TANG, Revisited

Daily Kos Columbia Journalism Review has a follow-up story on the case of the Killian memos -- the memos given to CBS as part of their overall story

Wolfowitz Watch

War and Piece The WaPo's Al Kamen reports that Wolfowitz is leaving too: There was buzz early in the week that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfel

Beyond The Pale

by Ornicus The hatemongers of the right-wing pundit class are always pushing the envelope, trying to top each other with fresh outrages that continua

Video Clip Of Humor.

Robert Novak talks to Armstrong Williams today on Crossfire and tries to help him out by saying that Williams isn't bound by journalistic ethics. No