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I Understand The Difference!

In his opening remarks, Gonzales pledged that if the Senate approves him, "I will no longer represent only the White House; I will represent the Unite

A Time For Leaving

by William R. Polk...former member of the U.S. State Department’s Policy Planning Council, Polk was responsible for the Middle East. He has been

What Will Jon Stewart Say?

CNN Lets 'Crossfire' Host Carlson Go By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer NEW YORK - CNN said goodbye to pundit Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, and

Why Is Colin Powell Lying?

function vid_placeholder(placeholder_target, vid_link) { placeholder_target.innerHTML = ''; } On the Today show this morning, Colin Powell said that

Stopping The Bum's Rush

By PAUL KRUGMAN for The New York Times The people who hustled America into a tax cut to eliminate an imaginary budget surplus and a war to eliminate

Headin' For The Big Roundup

    Orcinus Having made two post-election jaunts to the red state hinterlands of Idaho and Montana, I'm back to report that, well, thi

Gonzales Watch:

Backing Alberto Gonzales for attorney general is backing torture, writes Robert Scheer in the LA Times. A group of retired US military officers oppose

Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative

The Initiative was launched in response to concerns over bandwidth issues facing bloggers doing a tremendous public service by providing video of the