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Bill O'Reilly

Us folks over at Crooks and Liars have been saying for sometime now that "The Daily Show "is able to show more truth and honesty in politics than any


Ms. Dowd tells it like it is:Dance of the Marionettes Published: September 26, 2004 It's heartwarming, really. President Bush has his own Mini-Me

An Un-American Way To Campaign

An Un-American Way to Campaign NY TIMES Published: September 25, 2004 President Bush and his surrogates are taking their re-election campaign into

Yet Another Shocker

Guess what...virtually everyone remotely connected with the fundraising operation of one of the most powerful people in the coutry is facing indictmen

Tina Brown Nails Rathergate...from.

The Washington Monthly I hate to say this, but Tina Brown (yeah, yeah) gets it exactly right in her dissection of Rathergate today in the Washington P

How Unhinged Is This Man?

Matt Yglesias Ponders Bush's Disconnection from the Reality of Iraq: TAPPED: September 2004 Archives: THE CEO PRESIDENT. Apparently, the president not

Bush Upbeat As Iraq Burns

By BOB HERBERT George W. Bush was a supporter of the war in Vietnam. For a while. As he explained in his autobiography, "A Charge to Keep: My Journey


Bring on the debates.Kerry Promises to Refocus U.S. on Terror War Published: September 25, 2004 HILADELPHIA, Sept. 24 - Escalating his critique of Pr

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Bin Laden's candidate Serial slanderers like Dennis Hastert say terrorists want John Kerry to win. The facts say George W. Bush is al-Qaida's best rec


Let's Get Real ever mind the inevitable claims that John Kerry is soft on terrorism. What he must address is the question of how his policy in Iraq w


I guess Iyad Allawi was right, after all! "Overthrown Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, who was arrested by US forces last December, reportedly plans to r