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Meet The Press 12/5 Video Clips

Interview with Ghazi al-Yawar talks about AMerican Troop levesls. MR. RUSSERT: But that will take several years. PRES. AL-YAWAR: No. I don't think i

Robert Novak On The Capitol Gang:

The President is realizing that he is a lame duck president! President Bush hasn't even been inagurated yet! Video When is this guy going to be in

The Steroid Craze Is A Blaze!

We got John McCain coming in to try and fix baseball. Commissioner Bud Selig wants stiffer penalties after he negotiated laughable ones. Jose Canseco


Talk Left Guliani Cashes in Chit on Kerik The New York Daily News puts Bernie Kerik's appointment as Homeland Security Chief in perspective: Rudy c

Video Clip Of Humor

This Week in God: Pharmaceutical contraception, Ramadan and Jerry Falwell. Texas pharmacist explains why he doesn't dispense the pill. Video

More Bad News Photos!

Navy Probes New Iraq Prisoner Photos By SETH HETTENA, Associated Press Writer CORONADO, Calif. - The U.S. military has launched a criminal investi