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Uhh...what're We Votin' For?

Uhh...what're we votin' for? TALKING POINTS MEMO"Democrats are already pushing for a return to the observance of the rule which mandated that members

Our Libyan Success

Our Libyan Success No CapitalThis is amazing. Libya is the "victory" that Bush has touted so often, asserting that that nation dismantled its nuclear

Stick To The Facts Chris!

Stick to the facts Chris!The "Chris Matthews Show" on Sunday night turned from a somewhat objective venture into an exercise in the misuse of facts. C

Meet The Press Video Review

Meet the Press Video Review9/11 CommisionersKean and Hamilton. VideoMorality in AmericaFalwell,Sharpton,Land, and Wallis.DR. FALWELL: Jim, let me ask

Happy Holidays

Happy HolidaysThis holiday season, credit card companies are giving the gift of unexpectedly high interest rates. According to an exhaustive report in

The Daily Show On Robert Novak

The Daily Show on Robert NovakJon Stewart:"Robert Novak, Douchbag of Liberty award" VideoStewart goes to "Crossfire" and exposes him as a hypocrite.Fr

Video Clip O' Fun: Da Ali G Show

Video Clip O' Fun: Da Ali G Show Bruno exposes homophobia while attending a football game in Alabama, and conducting an interview at an American Expo.