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Check Out The Polls

via Pandagon Democrats Are In Trouble Only 87% of Americans would want their life support pulled if they were in Schiavo's condition. The Republican

The Republican

Blogs for Terri is going after the republicans who voted to keep the government out of our lives. Is this another one of those fake blogs? The new

House Hearing Fro Terri Shiavo

via Oliver Rep. Dave Weldon (R): I practice medicine for fifteen years (I'm glad I wasn't under his case) ... (claims Scott Petersen's case receiving

House Hearing On Terri Shiavo

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D): ... going to put one of those unelected judges my colleauges are always arguing about in control ... [media id=12980]

John McCain And The Shiavo Case

McCain and The Shiavo Case From This Week MCCAIN: We're not trying to involve ourselves in Mr. Schiavo's private and personal life. We're trying to

Of Cabbages And Kings

...Of Cabbages and Kings To paraphrase the Irish writer Brendan Behan, there is no situation so bad that cannot be made worse by the appearance of a