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They Get Letters

Eschaton Editor & Publisher gets feedback on the soldier's question to Rumsfeld. Support the troops! Joe M. Richadson: "The duped soldier shou

Sen. Hollings: Words Of Fire

A Feisty Farewell Hollings on Bill Frist: "He's now running for president. He's out of his element. Come on, he ought to be back in the operating roo

Stay Away From My Wife!

Kobe blasts Malone for making pass at wife Kobe Bryant said he called Malone and told him, "Stay away from my wife. What's wrong with you? How could

Is Giuliani The Big Loser?

According to the NY Post and John PODHORETZ No. "The Kerik fiasco isn't even a bump on the road." I heard that Rudy used a lot of his "capital" by ur

Smart People

Nick Confessore "My friend Jonathan Chait has an absolute must-read column ... about the liberal slant of academia ... A preview: A few weeks ago, a

Ransoming The Poor

MAJIKTHISE "Currently, churches* who seek government contracts must promise not to discriminate or proselytize when they deliver social services. Sect