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US 'Losing War Of Ideas'

US 'losing war of ideas'If this surprises you, you haven't been paying attention:THE US is losing the war of ideas in the Islamic world, failing to el

Bill O'Reilly, Combat Veteran?

Bill O'Reilly, combat veteran Jesus' GeneralDear Mr. O'Reilly,In your latest column, you wrote that you had survived a "combat situation in Argentin

Whose Values?

Whose Values? Religion has been cited as a big factor in the recent presidential election. The exit polls found that 22 percent of voters cited "moral

Robert Downey Jr. Makes It Back

Robert Downey Jr. makes it back form drug addiction and jail to release his first record entitled "The Futurist"Here's a video clip of him singing "Br

Pandering To Hypocrisy

Pandering To Hypocrisy...Digby writes: Yes, we may be in different tribes. But vast numbers of people from both tribes are watching the same "trash" o

Minority Rules

Minority Rules LiberalOasisPerhaps the most stunning part of the intel reform debacle is that the Speaker of the House admitted he had the votes to p

Let's Scare The Kids Shall We?

Let's scare the kids shall we? In a turn to keep the fear factor alive, Homeland security is now targeting our children.I mean I know the kids must be