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Video Clip O' Humor

Video Clip O' HumorWinning bid for the Virgin Mary Cheese sandwich is:28,000.00 dollars.What was that saying? Oh yea.."there's a sucker born every min

Bill Moyers On Condi Rice

Bill Moyers on Condi RiceThis is a feature on her appointment as Secretary of State. VideoIt points out her failures as NSA and her testimony to the 9

Blogging Flight Attendant Fired!

Blogging Flight Attendant Fired!Ellen Simonetti has been fired from her job at Delta Airlines for posting pictures of herself in uniform! The pictures

Kevin Sites Speaks Out

Kevin Sites speaks out! The journalist who took the video footage of the marine shooting!"Aside from breathing, I did not observe any movement at all.

Morally Correct

Morally Correctby Peter Beinart excerpt: Sometimes, conservative evangelicals grasp this and find nonreligious justifications for their views. (Chri

Where's The Moral Outrage?

Where's the moral outrage?"Raiderettes in Paradise," a romp around the beach with half-naked cheerleaders aired right before kickoff today.Given the a

John McCain On Meet The Press!

John McCain on Meet the Press!I think he definitely will run for president in 2008. VideoHis response to the Bob Jones letter sent mixed messages. He