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Five 9/11 Widows to Endorse Kerry By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - Five outspoken Sept. 11 widows on Tuesday will publicly en


Taking On the Myth edited version On a Sunday, a celebrating crowd gathered around a burning U.S. armored vehicle. Then a helicopter opened fire; a c

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Censorship '04: Hushing critics by Ellis Henican edited version September 12, 2004 Kitty Kelley's new book contains embarrassing tidbits about Geo

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Local ties to 'swiftees' ad $$ Philadelphia Daily News REMEMBER where the whole Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth controversy was at a couple of week


of the Weekend Award Winner: Robert Novak-by the man who outed a CIA agent and won't reveal the source. From the CNN's Capitol Gang: Novak: I'd lik

Video Clip Of The Weekend

: I've been disabled lately so I have a chance to watch more television than the average ten people do. The formats that are shown are so infuriating

George W. Bush Is A Coward

From the Gadflyer:Girlie ManGeorge W. Bush is a coward He's strong. He's resolute. He looks evildoers in the eye and doesn't blink. He's our national

Seymour Hersh: War Cannot Be Won

Seymour Hersh spent a great deal of time on C-SPAN (at an academic conference on Thursday) explaining how this war was already lost, and there are no

On The Voting Machine Makers' Tab

On the Voting Machine Makers' Tab s doubts have grown about the reliability of electronic voting, some of its loudest defenders have been state and l

GOP Convention's Looney Tunes

LA Times The Republicans' strategy is to counter critique with caricature, and they do it with all the panache of an old Roadrunner cartoon, effectiv

Preventive War: A Failed Doctrine

Preventive War: A Failed Doctrine New York Times f facts mattered in American politics, the Bush-Cheney ticket would not be basing its re-electi