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Over 20,000 Seriously Wounded

Over 20,000 Seriously WoundedUnbelievable news blogged by Raed In The Middle .There is absolutely nothing this administration will not lie about. But

Election Angst Update

Election Angst Update: BuzzFlash"The greatest threat to truth today may well be from my profession." -- Legendary reporter Carl Bernstein It was the b

US 'Losing War Of Ideas'

US 'losing war of ideas'If this surprises you, you haven't been paying attention:THE US is losing the war of ideas in the Islamic world, failing to el

Bill O'Reilly, Combat Veteran?

Bill O'Reilly, combat veteran Jesus' GeneralDear Mr. O'Reilly,In your latest column, you wrote that you had survived a "combat situation in Argentin

Whose Values?

Whose Values? Religion has been cited as a big factor in the recent presidential election. The exit polls found that 22 percent of voters cited "moral

Robert Downey Jr. Makes It Back

Robert Downey Jr. makes it back form drug addiction and jail to release his first record entitled "The Futurist"Here's a video clip of him singing "Br