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The thing about these charges that the CBS documents are forgeries is that if it's so clear that they were made on a word processing program then it

Attack The Messenger

These attacks on the legitimacy of the "Bush Docs" remind me of the Dream Team that represented O.J. Simpson in the trial of the century. You know the

Boston Globe Full Article.

Authenticity backed on Bush documents. After CBS News on Wednesday trumpeted newly discovered documents that referred to a 1973 effort to ''sugar coat

Bush Shamefully Exploits Tragedy

By Dan Payne THREE YEARS after 9/11/01, presidential politics is driven by fear of terrorism and war in Iraq. 9/11 represents horrifying failure of

Statement From CBS News

Thanks The Blue Lemur NEW YORK, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Later today, CBS News will address on the air and in detail the issues surrounding the docum

Correction Appended

Book Unflattering to Bush Draws His Campaign's Fire Anticipating a barrage of unflattering accusations and innuendo about President Bush's personal l

A Mythic Reality

By PAUL KRUGMAN he best book I've read about America after 9/11 isn't about either America or 9/11. It's "War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning," an


Cheney Spits Toads Published: September 9, 2004 WASHINGTON — George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have always used the president's father as a revers

Maher via Eschaton

This is about right: "And finally, New Rule: You can't run on a mistake. Franklin Roosevelt didn't run for re-election claiming Pearl Harbor was his

A Sage Piece

I’m waiting for the "Big Whine" from the right wing pundits against the supposed "same attacks" levied at President Bush’s service record. T

Such A Laugh....

From the Laugh Factor: After Fox News Channel's repeated trumpeting out of John O'Neal; Bill O'Reilly left it up to his "fans" to decide if he shou

Bush Flip Flop

Bush Now Backs Budget Powers in New Spy Post. The president wanted to give a new national intelligence chief "full budgetary authority," a sharp shift