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"Politics is the exploitation of loop holes and opportunities for the Benefit of your candidate." Thomas Oliphant

Maureen Dowd On Swiftboating

Maureen Dowd continues her Pulitzer Prize-winning writing:Kerry: Slo-Mo on SwiftiesBy MAUREEN DOWD It's easy for the Bushes to stay gallant. They dele

Big Lies For Bush

August 22, 2004: IMAGINE IF supporters of Bill Clinton had tried in 1996 to besmirch the military record of his opponent, Bob Dole. After all, Dole wa


It's unfortunate that The Swift Boat controversy is doing exactly what the Bush campaign wants it to. It's deflecting the media form the real issues

Abu Ghraib Probe Points To Top Brass

An Army investigation into the role of military intelligence personnel in the abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison reports that the scandal was not just cau