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The Brains Thing

by Matthew Yglesias Remember the 2000 election? With the country enjoying a seemingly endless spell of peace and prosperity, and no apparent daunting


Ms. Dowd tells it like it is:Dance of the Marionettes Published: September 26, 2004 It's heartwarming, really. President Bush has his own Mini-Me


The thing about these charges that the CBS documents are forgeries is that if it's so clear that they were made on a word processing program then it

Susan Estrich Wants Blood?

Wow. Even Susan Estrich, who usually seems to have forgotten she was ever a liberal (which I'm guessing has something to do with her token liberal pos

Where's The... Where's The Anything?

Dan Froomkin puts together a partial list of things not addressed by George Bush last night: No beef...or veggies, or fruits, or starches either. Whe

Crooks, Crooks, And More Crooks!

GOP-funded registration drive accused of deception The Associated PressSubstitute teacher Adam Banse wanted a summer job with flexible hours, so he si