The Vacation President

There’s just something amusing about the president’s penchant for vacations. As governor of Texas, Bush enjoyed an inordinate amount of “down ti

Is Jim Miklaszewski A Buckraker?

OpenLeft: So I'm reading Jamison Foser's usual excellent column at Media Matters discussing why John Edwards' $400 haircut is always in the news, an

Boris Yeltsin Dead

CNN: Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin has died at the age of 76, a Kremlin spokesman confirmed Monday. Kremlin spokesman Alexander Smirnov co

Bush Monologues: Open Thread

President Bush's monologue from the Radio & Television Correspondents Association Dinner. [media id=803] [media id=804] "I'd like

Mike's Blog Roundup

Norbizness: Another look at how "The Left" is harshing the national mellow...but good-bye to all that,  the real perps are the Assclowns of

Ed Bradley, RIP

CBS News: Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley died of complications from leukemia this morning at Mt. Sinai hospital in Manhattan. He joined

Calling In The Army Of Davids

This is really tragic and sad and I can't stop laughing. Hoekstra had actually been agitating for releasing the documents for quite some time. In