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Lean Left: Oh, that liberal media Faithful Progressive: Four September 11 stories your press corps ignores Mock, Paper, Scissors: The miracle of the

Undercover, Under Fire

You know I've been hard on the LA Times, but this piece is excellent: "The Washington press corps is too busy cozying up to the people it covers to ge


The Daily Howler: By any standard, Gore is one of the most honored public figures in the world. So what happened this week when his new book was publ

Mike's Blog Roundup

Obsidian Wings: These people are lower than dirt.  A deeply disturbed killer's actions are the fault of a "PC university"!  This is on

The Crier Wire: If George Were King!

Catherine Crier has some really good monologues at the end of her show and this was one of them. She takes a look at Bush's abuse of power [medi

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The Osterley Times: This news was greeted, even in Northern Ireland, with open mouthed disbelief. Two of the world's most bitter rivals had agreed

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David Sirota: The House appears likely to pass Iraq spending bill with a pullout date.  Not perfect, but it is Time To Stand Up! Consortiumblog: When

An Awful Legacy Of Bush 41

Joe Conason gives some historical context in the NY Observer: Someday, historians will wonder why the highest officials in the Bush Justice Departmen

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Prairie Weather: The Army was pressured by the White House to hire a Halliburton subsidiary to take over patient care at Walter Reed. Truthdig: Excel