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How to improve in football, 15 effective tips

Surely when you watch a football game, either on television or in the field, you are passionate about seeing how the stars of the teams play, wishing they could be at least half as good as they are. To do this, you need a lot of work, effort and desire to improve yourself on a daily basis, in addition to the advice provided by that we are going to give you to improve in this sport.

Team sport

One of the first premises that you have to keep in mind is that soccer is a team sport in which your teammates also count. If you want to have the option of receiving more ball, you should pass it to others so that there is more mobility of the ball. Knowing this will help you to take your place in the field and the rest will also identify you in that place. Although you may think that is not the case, a game is won by a team and not just by an individual player.

Mobility of the ball

Closely related to the previous point is that you must move the ball a lot. It is true that there are teams that play counterattack, but as a rule the best way to play is to move the ball from one side of the pitch to the other. This action will directly affect your physical energy, because when you receive a ball and walk many meters with it, your body feels more tired than if it does without the ball, exhausting you in less than you expect and allowing rivals to notice This, of course, is that the coach sees that you are not giving enough and you feel on the bench.

Read the play

When you watch a football game, you feel like a coach, mentally ordering a player to move to that place to be free of defences and that way you pass the ball to escape and score. This is exactly what you have to do when you find yourself playing. You must read the play, whether you are defending or attacking. If you are able to be quick, you can intercept many balls from your opponents that could possibly be a goal or help you to get away to get a goal. The speed and energy in this aspect is crucial, train it and spend only enough on the game to last the 90 minutes.


If the opponent has the ball, it is possible to advance to the goal and score a goal. What you should always do is press, that the opponent does not see gaps in the defence and that it is difficult or impossible to combine with a partner, this overwhelm that supposes a perfect pressure causes errors and failures, that you can use them later to create a counterattack

Changes of rhythm

If you always do the same, in the end you will make things very easy for rivals. Do movements that your opponents do not expect, such as changes in rhythm, or passes behind the defender, this will surprise the opponent on the one hand but above all it will tire you much more and not only physically but also mentally because you will see that they are able to read the plays of your teammates and your own.

Playing for the bands

It is very common to always look for the midfield as you think it is more direct to reach the goal, the problem is that in the end all the players are concentrated in that area in order to cut your way. If you play on the wings you can even switch from one band to another, freeing spaces and making the attack progress easier. Also if you train the centres, you can gain much prominence.


When the coach puts you to play a little bit, it is not that you want to waste your time, but what you are looking for is that you know how to play with the teammates who are close to you, giving very quick passes that will get the opponents to get dizzy. When you have enough confidence with your teammates and know how to read their plays, you can completely confuse the opponent and get easier to goal in this way.

Always alert

There are many games that have been lost in the last minutes, no matter how much you win, you must remember that the game lasts until the whistle blows and therefore do not celebrate or lower your arms until this happens, as they can get you easily one or two goals without thinking.

Help and give all of you

If you are a forward, it is true that your position is to score goals, but if the whole team is defending, it is very bad for all your teammates and also for the coach that you stand idly by. Attack and defend, fight each ball, make people notice you and become an example for your teammates.

Meet your classmates

To be the best in football, you not only have to think about yourself, but also your teammates, since recognizing the position they play, their strengths and weaknesses will help you to know who to count at each moment and help you create the game more quickly and effectively.

5 tips to improve in futsal

Communication between players

When you are playing you may think that your partner is going to overtake in order to pass the ball to you but this is not always in this way and the play you had in mind is never done, for your frustration. Your partner is not able to read your mind and the only way you can know what you think is to say it out loud, communicate even when you are not involved in the play, shout, encourage and have others do it too.


In futsal, explosive speed and technique matter a lot, so you should practice at least one hour a day either alone in a park or with a friend or coach. Only with a dedicated and hard training can you improve in this sport.

Space in the field

When we play this type of football it is very common to see all players near the ball and this causes that there is no movement of the ball or that the player who has it can play freely. Approach him only if he asks you.

Do not make tickets

It is very common in football to see strong entries that enter with the boot ahead. Avoid as much as possible because, if you cannot take it off, you will be on the ground and you will lose a few seconds to get up, something that in futsal can be a goal.

Dialling in the goal

The goals are somewhat smaller, so you should practice the shot a lot looking to give effect to the ball, as well as power, but above all the most important thing is that you know send it where you want.