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I myself ordered several straps for the Apple Watch on Ali, but none of them were equal in quality to the originals. Silicone "Chinese" in general irritation of the skin remained, if it was heated. A similar negative has remained from the belts of other brands, for some reason it is impossible for them to do just as well and beautifully.
Therefore, in my rating there will be only options from Apple - let's go.
Silicone belts
They cost from 3990 rubles. The most popular belts are the best. One can argue about the substances that Ive and Co. eats, but the shape and size of the silicone watch for Apple Watch is close to ideal.

By purchasing this watch with a silicone bracelet of a good color (as below), you can close the issue of finding accessories for AW ahead of time. This is a very comfortable, versatile, indestructible and high-quality belt for all occasions. And no, he is not "sporty". Just good.
Its disadvantages - in the heat of the skin under it can sweat, especially from dark colors. Well, it fits more for aluminum models than for steel ones, although there are exceptions.