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60-year-old Jewish, left-libertarian musician, hippie, pagan software and hardware technician,married to the love of my life - a lovely Wiccan priestess with whom I've been in love for 38 years, but she never knew until a few years ago... lots of life individually... even more life together!

[edit: 01/02/17: Celebrated our 5th anniversary on Oct. 29th, so the info here's a bit dated... 16 grandkids now between the both of us!...

and edit: 10/11/2015: about to celebrate our 4th... yep she's still with me, in spite of myself, and as I'll be 59 in Feb., and she'll be 61 next month, nowhere near as many years ahead of us than either of us would like, at least this time around the wheel]

Edit: 6/24/2016: Still together, still in love, bodies aging rapidly... Loving life and living love.

Edit, 01/29/2017 -

Still here and 5+ years deliriously happily married, and going to turn 60 on Valentine's Day... Ugh...

Proud father of 2 lovely daughters, step-father of 3 lovely ladies and 1 kickass Cavalryman home from duty in Afghanistan (Hooah!). Proud grandfather of 3 great little guys and 1 beautiful little girl, and "step-grandfather" of 8 --- highly assorted in gender!

Vietnam-era and Cold War veteran, SGT/E-5, U.S. Army ADA (Nike Hercules), now a soldier for peace.

Master Mason
Wallace Hughston Lodge #1393, A.F. & A.M.
El Paso, Texas, USA

32ยบ AASR SJ
Orient of Texas
Valley of El Paso

Squire, Knights of St. Andrew
El Paso Chapter
Valley of El Paso
Orient of Texas

I'm also known to occasionally post here under my main Disqus Account, Paul Julian Gould, almost always because I forget to log in here as what I've always been known here by...