Bob Kerrey Former 9/11 Commissioner Puts Some Blame On President Bush For 9/11 Attack

Bob Kerrey former 9/11 commissioner puts some blame on President Bush for 9/11 attack!

Former 9/11 commissioner, Bob Kerrey told Paula Kahn that Preisdent Bush’s negligence in part, contributed to the 9/11 attack!

"Since the election is over," he said "the promise we made to keep it out of the campaign is over."


The question we have is why was it kept out of the election? The 9/11 commission should have had a responsibility to put blame wherever it fell. If they found that Clinton didn't do his job, just say it! A major issue that Bush ran on and fueled his re-election was that "We will keep you safe!" According to George Tenet, "the system was blinking red!" Well, when you should have been keeping us safe Mr. President, you were on vacation! For Bob Kerrey to say that it was appropriate to keep it out of the campaign was in my mind an affront to the American people! It was very appropriate because it was the truth.


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