Novak Uses "Nazi" Term To Describe Liberals

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On Crossfire today, Robert Novak actually attacked Republican GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE (R), ARKANSAS because he's worried about obesity in children.

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Novak: I haven't exercised in 50 years. I have -- I eat no vegetables and no fruit.

That explains a lot.

Here's the kicker:

NOVAK: In your state of Arkansas, you've gone pretty far in measuring people and weighing them. You know, if I were a liberal Democrat, if I were -- and I'm not. I would -- I would say, that reminds me of Nazi Germany. They use to take measurements like that. But I'm not a liberal Democrat, so I won't -- I won't do that.

Novak sinks to another low in applying the term to try and paint all liberals that way when he is really using it as a conservative to describe Huckabee's concern for the health of children. I don't think we'll hear any complaints from any conservatives over it though.


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