Powerline Has Broken The GOP Talking Points Memo-gate.

Here is their proof: "Finally, we got this email from a staffer for a conservative Republican Senator (they don't actually say what Senator): Regarding this phantom "strategy memo" about Terri Schiavo, I can say with almost complete certainty that this memo did not get passed out by Republicans: Nobody I know received any e-mails containing anything even remotely close to this memo. Granted, nothing I have offered is conclusive, but this whole issue really stinks of fraud."

Well that about clinches it my book. Ask a Republican if they received a damning memo that uses a horrible situation for political gain and of course that staffer will tell the truth. Does " I am not a crook" ring any bells? Also, is it plausible that a memo of this sort would be rubber stamped with the seal of an actual Republican Senator, or rather that of a radical religious group? I think they are pinning it on TVC?

Next up for Powerline is to dispute the authenticity of the audio recording of Tom Delay's claims that there is a vast liberal conspiracy to destroy him, and the conservative movement in America.


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