Greenwald Takes Up Karl Rove's Challenge

cspan-rove-purge.jpg Last Thursday at Troy University, Karl Rove was asked by a student for his reaction to the uproar over the politically-motivated firing of eight US attorneys. In his combative response, Turd Blossom went into the typical spiel about how Clinton did the same thing, too, then issued a challenge to those who question President Bush's firings to look back and see if Congress had the "same super-heated political rhetoric then" as they do now. Well, Glenn Greenwald accepted the challenge and (predictably) found that Congressional Republicans were singing a whole different tune then -- even though the replacement of USAs at the beginning of a President's term is not unusual. Note how Rove also admits that Bush has removed more USAs than Clinton did (123 to 128)-- in two fewer years no less.

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Republicans and U.S. Attorneys -- then and now:

Nonetheless, Republicans sought in 1993 to depict the routine and standard replacement of U.S. attorneys by the Clinton administration as some sort of grave scandal which threatened prosecutorial independence and was deeply corrupt.

The idea that Presidents have an unfettered right to fire U.S. attorneys at any time and for any reason is the precise opposite of what Republicans were arguing in 1993 -- when Bill Clinton simply replaced all U.S. attorneys at the start of his administration, rather than singling out prosecutors for termination in the middle of his term..

Washington Times, March 26, 1993
Senate and House Republicans yesterday blasted the White House and the Justice Department for giving pink slips to virtually all 93 U.S. attorneys, a move Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole called the "March massacre".... Read more...


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