Oh Bob

Oh Bob

Just when you thought that the trial/saga of Bob McDonnell could not possible get any weirder at all, in comes the priest and things get kinky.

Bob says that he’s left his wife and is now living with a priest. And by “living” I mean oh-what-the-hell.

Last week former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell revealed during his corruption trial that he has left his wife and is now living with a Catholic priest named Wayne Ball, seen above. Father Ball, as it turns out, was once busted for having gay sex in the parking lot of a park.

McConnell has raised the stakes in the Corrupt Republican Governor Sweepstakes. Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Rick Perry and Chris Christi have some catching-up to do. Not that I don’t believe they can top that, but I do hope their efforts are as oh-what-the-hell.


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