Politics Past - The 1965 New York Mayoral Debates.

Politics Past - the 1965 New York Mayoral Candidates debate with Abraham Beame, William F. Buckley and John Linsday as hosted by New York radio station WCBS and moderated by Joseph Denbo.


Since we've been knee-deep in debates the past several weeks, I ran across this rather local debate from 1965. The occasion was the Mayoral election for New York City and it was a three-way race between Abraham Beame, John Lindsay and William F. Buckley (yes, that William F. Buckley).

One of the more fascinating hours in local politics, to be sure. I forgot that Buckley had political aspirations and was the candidate of the Conservative Party of New York in this election. From the sound of it, Abraham Beame, the Democrat, was being ganged up on by his two conservative opponents, with Lindsay the Republican challenger.

Moderated by WCBS anchor Joseph Denbo and running on a tight schedule, this is a rare glimpse into local elections, particularly big city local elections.

Enjoy and marvel at Mr. Buckley.

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