Weekend Gallimaufry - Berlin Jazz Fest 2010 - Joachim Kuhn Trio And Big Band

Weekend Gallimaufry - a concert given last night (Saturday November 6) live in Berlin during the 2010 Jazz Fest featuring a set by The Joachim Kuhn Trio and Big Band.


In the odd event you couldn't make it to Jazz Fest Berlin 2010 last night, I was lucky enough to get hold of a recording of last nights concert live from the Huas der Berliner Festspiele featuring legendary German Jazz Pianist Joachim Kuhn with his trio and Big-Band for a pretty mind-altering hour of Europa Jazz.

I've been a fan of Kuhn's for a while now, and listening to this set reminds me what a forward thinking, innovative artist he is. Not for all tastes - just because there's a big band doesn't mean you're going to hear Glenn Miller takeoffs. Nope. This is truly fascinating and adventuresome music that, if you aren't familiar, first requires an open mind and a love of Jazz.

The rest is gravy.


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