Frank Luntz Focus Group: This Is A Good Night For Barack Obama.

Frank Luntz: Early in the debate these people thought McCain was doing better, by the end of the debate Obama seemed to finish better. Brit.

Brit Hume: Question -- you said that none of the people came in there for Obama, may I take it that that's because they were undecided or because they were for McCain?

Luntz: No, they were undecided, we got 23 undecided voters. Brit, I chewed them out to make sure they were undecided. Did anyone switch your position tonight? We have one person... four people. Who did you go to?

Undecided voter #1: I lean more toward Obama.

Undecided voter #2: Obama.

Undecided voter #3: Obama.

Undecided voter #4: Obama.

Luntz: This is a good night for Barack Obama.


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