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Fox And Allen West Fearmonger Over Muslim-Americans 'Waging Jihad' By Engaging In Politics
More fearmongering over Muslim-Americans by the wingnuts at Faux "news."
Fox And Allen West Attack Muslim-Americans For Voting And Engaging In Politics
The paranoia and lunacy over at Faux "news" never ends. Read more...
Fox News, Glenn Beck Rush To Louie Gohmert's Defense
Fox & Friends made sure their audience didn't learn the truth about Louie Gohmert's hot exchange with Eric Holder. Read more...
Fox News Calls UConn Huskies 'NAACP' Champs
The UConn Huskies are the 2014 national champions of the 'NAACP', according to Fox News. Read more...
Fox News Calls UConn Huskies 'NAACP' Champs
Fox host Heather Childers announced that the University of Connecticutt are the 2014 national champions of the NAACP ("N-double A-C-P", or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Saturday Night Live featured the same joke in a skit about 'Fox & Friends' over the weekend -- but at least they were trying to be intentionally funny.

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SNL Mocks Fox And Friends For Misleading Obamacare And Climate Change Coverage
Saturday Night Live made a mockery of Fox & Friends for their fearmongering attacks on Obamacare and brought in Kenan Thompson as Neil deGrasse Tyson to give a lesson to the crew on climate change.
Paul Ryan Whines To Fox About Harry Reid Calling His Budget 'Koch-topia'
The zombie-eyed granny-starver from Wisconsin isn't happy about Harry Reid calling his cruel new budget proposal "Koch-topia."
Fox News Priest: 'Noah' Movie 'Will Pay For It Dearly' After Excluding God
A Catholic priest, who is serving on the Archdiocese of New York, and also employed as an analyst by Fox News, has warned that people associated with the movie "Noah" will "pay for it dearly" because they had used the word "creator" instead of God. Read more...
Geraldo Rivera: Crooked Politicians On Democratic Side 'Tend To Be Ethnic'
The pundits on Faux "news" continue to push the myth of that nonexistent "liberal media." Read more...
Fox: Obama Ignored Ukraine So NBC Could Make Money On Olympics
They think everyone operates that way because that's how they think. Read more...