It's Time For C&<'s 2017 NCAA March Madness Tournament!

March Madness is upon us again - no, not John Amato's birthday or the weather - but NCAA basketball.

I dunno why I was asked to write this up. I know about as much about college hoops as Paul Ryan does about how insurance works. But anyway, here goes...

You can pick your winners for this year by going to the tourney site and then just following the directions.

It's that simple. No, really.

And the best part is that it is free! Not Republican type of free, but free free.

Entries are due by noon (EST) on Thursday. Make sure to enter now. If you wait, the site might get too busy and you'll have difficulty getting your picks in on time. We're not responsible for technical difficulties and there are no exceptions for late entries.

Good luck and Go Badgers!

John Amato: "I'll find a couple of non-cash prizes to send to the top three and go UCLA!"

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