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We monitor the firehose of news around the clock. You can count on us to bring you the clips and stories you need, covered from a progressive point of view. We feature live streams of important Congressional hearings and now, even Supreme Court hearings.

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Our fully searchable video collection reaches back to 2004 and includes important historical moments as well as an archive of how cable news covers issues, candidates and people.

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We don't just curate the news, we bring you pointed commentary about how it's reported. We'll tell you when they do it right, and when they do it wrong. In these days of "fake news" accusations, we're here to make sure you have the real story with facts, context and video.

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Our community is proudly progressive, and comments are moderated so real discussions can take place.

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We don't have investors or hedge fund owners. It's just us, and we're only accountable to you.

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