How does Ad-Free work?

We have partnered with Admiral to offer our users the ability to support our work while browsing the site without all the ads. Once logged in through Admiral, our system will remove all ad code supplied by our site.

Why two separate logins?


Your Admiral account is totally separate from your C&L account, or even Disqus account. Yes, we know this is confusing and are working with Admiral to incorporate a single-sign-on similar to our integrations with Disqus. Until that time, you will have to login via the Admiral link to enable your ad-free experience. Ad-Free will then work regardless of if you are logged in to your C&L account or not.

Does Ad-Free remove all ads on your site?

Ad-Free only works with ads delivered from our site or via our ad partners. Ads delivered through 3rd party services such as Disqus comments and YouTube will continue to show.

What if I need help?

You can contact us at our special email, and we’ll investigate. If the problem is through the Admiral system, we will forward your support request to the appropriate people at Admiral.

What if I donated through Kindest or PayPal?

Admiral does not integrate with other 3rd party systems such as Kindest or Paypal. If you have donated through one of those portals, please contact about getting an AdFree account.